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Group travel can make a vacation that much more memorable. You can save money and create a lifetime of memories when you choose a group cruise, Motor coach, or an all-inclusive vacation package in a sunny, tropical location like Cancun, Acapulco or Punta Cana for your group travel.

Group Cruises

Group cruises are a great way to spend a vacation with friends, family or any other type of group whether large or small. Cruises provide great value On a cruise people can opt to go their own way part of the time or, if they choose, join in on group activities. Dining can be together as a group or only for certain nights within a cruise. A group cruise can be set up in the way that works best for each group.

How does a Group Cruise Work?
While it varies by cruise line in general 8 cabins makes up a group, however, in some cases the number only 5 cabins maybe required to create a group. Once the number of cabins is determined we will hold the group space and then the group leader can promote the group, communicate the details such as pricing to the group, determine the dining and meeting space needs and get people excited to join the cruise.

Benefits of Booking a Group Cruise
There are many benefits of booking a group cruise. First is lower pricing and the rates are guaranteed for the categories that are held. Without booking into a group the rates are always subject to change. In addition, groups are offered extra amenities ranging from onboard credits, a complimentary bottle of wine or a cocktail party, specialty dining or other amenities.

Plus, the group leader can sail for FREE as a tour conductor credit will be issued back after the group sails. The amount of the tour conductor credit varies according to the cruise lines and the number and variety of cabins within the group. In general it is one berth (not cabin) for 16 full fare passengers traveling in the group. And, the more cabins that are sold the higher the number of tour conductor credits are earned!

Group Activities

Group activities can be varied according to the group needs. Dining can be set up together, special parties can be set up on board, meeting space complete with audio-visual equipment and group shore excursions can be offered.

Motor Coach Group Vacations/one Day/Multi-Day Groups

We are pleased to provide our groups with state-of-the-art new motor coaches – all with TV and VCR. Many of the coaches we use are updated model coaches are now equipped with DVD and WiFi! Now as you travel you will have internet access as well.

Unsurpassed Customer Service!
We pride ourselves in our professionalism. We treat you like family and give you the respect and courtesy you deserve. Our staff has a 20 years of travel experience, so when you book with Duncan travel and Tours, you are in good hands.

All-Inclusive Vacation Package

Book your group travel package for a seven-night stay in a luxurious hotel just moments away from white sand and cool blue water and take advantage of amenities like a room upgrade for the group leader, rooms close together in the hotel, group dinner reservations and more. And when you book all-inclusive group vacation packages, you and your group can save hundreds of dollars, with meals, drinks and entertainment all included in the price. Whether your group travel is for a destination wedding, a family reunion, or even a company retreat, everyone in your group will thank you for taking them to a beautiful beach front hotel, complete with breathtaking ocean views, beautiful swimming pools, exciting and exotic night life, and rooms with all the amenities you could hope for. If you know there’s going to be group travel in your future and you want your group to have the time of its life, book an all-inclusive group travel package today. 

Unsurpassed Customer Service!
 We pride ourselves in our professionalism. We treat you like family and give you the respect and courtesy you deserve. Our staff has a combined 60 years of tour and motor coach experience, so when you book with Bob Mann, you are in good hands.